Sailing Trips

A True Maine Sailing Experience

An Intimate Trip for Six

We are a six-passenger vessel, making your sail a more private experience. The six-passenger limit is a USCG classification and includes children of all ages. Customers tell us that it’s more like going sailing with a friend, very different than being on the typical overcrowded tour boat.
While there may be several other people on your trip there is plenty of room to lounge about or you can sit with the crew and help us sail. It’s your trip, you tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make your vacation in Ogunquit a memorable one.

Daily Sailing Trips

We sail five times daily weather permitting, (3) one and a half hour sails, morning and late afternoon, and (2) two-hour sails through the middle of the day. The shorter sails are intended to give novices a chance to relax and see the scenery of Ogunquit from our semi-private platform. The two-hour sails provide a more intense experience with conditions being better for sailing mid-afternoon. Whichever trip you take you will be under sail within five minutes thanks to our prime Perkins Cove location at the southern edge of Ogunquit.

Morning Sail

9:30 am
$65 per person
1 ½ hours

The morning sail is the quietest sail. Generally speaking, the sea is calmest and the winds lightest.

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Afternoon Cruises

11:30 am or 2:00 pm
$70 per person
2 hours

In the middle of the day, offers maximum sun exposure as well as optimum wind conditions.

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“The 4:30”

4:30 pm
$70 per person
1 ½ hours

This sail is a great way to finish a day on the Maine coast. An hour and a half of fresh air before your dinner.

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Sunset Sail

6:30 pm
$70 per person
1 ½ hours

Our last trip takes you till the sun goes down. This is our most popular sail. It is a beautiful time to be on the water.

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Private Sailing Charters

Couples and small groups can reserve space on any trip, we will mix and match in order to reach six people. Of course, you may reserve all six seats and have the entire boat to yourselves.

We do offer the Silverlining for a half-day charter with a departure time of 9:30 am or 2:00 pm. We take you out for a total of 4 hours. Please call us well in advance at (207) 646-9800.

These are not mix-and-match sails, they are more group or family gatherings usually centered around anchoring somewhere for a picnic lunch.

We often host intimate weddings on the boat and yes the captain is licensed to perform weddings at sea or in Perkins Cove.

Over the years we have been the site of quite a few small birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, fashion shoots, and the casting of ashes. The boat has been used as a movie prop and graced the covers of several publications. If being on a beautiful sailboat in a beautiful setting is in your plans, you just need to join us – we are already there.

Please call us at (207) 646-9800 to reserve your trip!

What to Expect

Conditions at sea will be very much like being at the beach, but a little more extreme; windier, sunnier, or cooler, whatever the day. Dress accordingly.

What to Bring

You should wear soft-soled shoes. Bring a sweatshirt, sunscreen, and sunglasses, and don’t forget your camera. You may bring a light lunch, something to drink, and a modest amount of alcohol. We have blankets on board if you’re cold.

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